16 nov 2009



500 g couscus
1 cup pesto
Juice of 5 lemons
1 red onion
1 / 2 red pepper
1 / 2 green pepper
2OO g of tuna
100g of pitted black olives
10 cherry tomatoes
1 bunch fresh mint

Put couscus in a large bowl, pour the lemon juice, stir and refrigerate to marinate for at least 12 hours (I do this operation the day before), stirring occasionally.

When preparing, mixing well couscus and open well with a fork, add the pesto and mix well, add the onion, cut into small pieces, tuna, mint leaves into small pieces, chopped tomatoes into 2 parts, olives pitted the peppers into small pieces. Mix well. Decorate couscus with sliced peppers.

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