3 feb 2010

Stuffed artichokes


5 artichokes
400 grams of peas
1 onion, shallot
1 sprig of parsley
1 packet of saffron
2 eggs
the soft part of a fresh homemade bread
1 cup milk
50 grams of grated parmesan
salt and pepper q.b.


Clean the artichokes ,take off outer leaves, leaving only the tender part, remove the tips, clean the stems, cut them into 3-4 slices and place them along to soak with water and lemon.
Meanwhile, prepare a mixture of bread crumbs soaked in milk, add the Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper and parsley and mix everything.
stuff 2 slices of artichokes with the mixture
pass them in beaten eggs by both sides, and put them to fry in deep hot oil .Draw them and set aside on a sheet of absorbent paper.

Meanwhile, fry the shallots in a large skillet with a little oil, pour the peas, salt and pepper cook for about 10 minutes. Add some broth and the saffron dissolved in a cup of hot water. Put the stuffed artichokes side by side and continue to cook until the artichokes are cooked well.

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