19 mar 2010

birthday cake

1 sponge
2 trays of strawberries
1 lt cream
150 grams of caramelized almonds grains
grains of colored sugar

preparation for the filling:

Whip the cream steady, put half aside, in the other half, add the strawberries with sugar, and almond biscuits and mix with a spatula.

To assemble cake, remove the outer parts of the sponge, cut it into 2 parts, put half in a tray, soaking wet with water and strawberry syrup maraschino

spread with plenty of strawberries and biscuits cream,

cover with the other half of the sponge, soaked wet and pour more cream with strawberries and biscuits,

cover with the simply cream

and do the decorations that you like. Sprinkle with granules colored sugar.

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