2 nov 2009

Bucatini with broccoli and almonds

Ingredients for 6:
-1 broccoli
-1 onion
-150 grams of chopped almonds
-1 anchovy
-500 g bucatini
-1 bag of raisins and pine nuts
-grated Parmesan
-ground pepper oil, salt and pepper.

Cut and wash the broccoli, boil them in salted water, drain. In a large frying pan put the chopped onion with a little extra virgin olive oil, lightly fry, add the raisins and pine nuts and then the anchovy. Melt the anchovy and add the broccoli boiled, add a little salt, pepper and hot pepper. Let cook for about 10 min. Apart cook bucatini in salted water, drain and pour into the pan with the sauce, add the ground almonds and a sprinkling of grated Parmesan .Toss for a few minutes and serve.

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