2 nov 2009

Plumcake doubletaste

This is a recipe very simple to implement. Ideal for breakfast.
-250 grams of flour 00
-250 Sugar
-100 grams of seed oil
-3 eggs
-75 g unsweetened cocoa
-125 ml milk
-1 envelope of yeast cake
-1 / 2 packet of vanillin


Very simple, I use the food processor, failing to use a whip or even a fork. Place all ingredients (except cocoa) in the robot, mix for about 20 sec., Pour half of the dough into a rectangular pan suitable for plum cake, then in the rest of the robot to add the cocoa mixture and blend for about 10 sec., pour remaining batter into the pan with cocoa and place in preheated oven at 160 ° for about 45 min.

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