4 nov 2009

Strawberries tiramisù


-400 grams of strawberries
-savoy biscuits
- 500 g mascarpone
- 300 gr sugar
-4 eggs
-1 glass of maraschino

Whisk 300g of strawberries with 150g of sugar and 1 / 2 liter of water, pour it in a saucepan stove and boil. Add a glass of maraschino and simmer for about 30 minutes Remove from heat and allow to cool. Whip cream to the egg yolks with 150 grams of sugar, blend the mascarpone and mix well. Beat the egg whites until stiff, steady and add cream. In a rectangular baking dish put a layer of savoy biscuits, soaked in strawberry milkshake made previously and a layer of cream, alternating. Since the mixture will be thick enough, after having placed the savoy biscuits soaked, you can pour over plenty of other things before applying the cream with mascarpone. Cover the tiramisu with the remaining strawberries, cut in quarters or slices.

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