9 dic 2009

Caserecce with minced pork


500 grams of minced pork
500 grams of caserecce
1 packet of saffron
1 tablespoon raisins
2 tablespoons granulated almonds
1 clove
1 / 2 teaspoon nutmeg
1 glass of white wine
1 onion, shallot
1 sprig of parsley
salt, pepper and chilli


In a frying pan fry the onion with a little oil, let it dry and add the chopped parsley, salt and pepper and cook over low heat for 15 minutes or so.
Add a glass of white wine and let soften, place the raisins, cloves, nutmeg and saffron dissolved in a cup with some hot water. Continue cooking for another 20 min and add the parsley and almonds. Aside from the cook the caserecce, al dente, drain and pour in the sauce. Stir well and add pepper and a handful of grated Parmesan.

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