1 dic 2009

Nutella roll


6 eggs

180 gr flour

180 gr sugar

1 packet vanillin

1 / 2 packet of yeast


Blend for a few minutes the eggs with the sugar. Apart sift the flour with yeast and the vanilla, slowly add eggs and sugar and mix well. Pour the mixture into the pan of the oven covered with greaseproof paper and spread to form a layer of about 1 cm, bake at 160 degrees preheated oven for 20 min.
Meanwhile prepare a damp cloth and place it on a basis. Baked dough put on cloth, gently remove the greaseproof paper and roll it up. Let stand for 10 min. Open, and spread a generous layer of Nutella and roll it on himself. Sprinkle with icing sugar

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  1. I dolci con la nutella sono sempre buonissimi, arrotolati poi sono anche carini a vedersi!

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